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MissionShoe Testimonials

Hear what other satisfied customers have to say

Like not wearing shoes at all

"I just wanted to take a second to thank you. I ordered my sons shoes back in late July or August. He has been out on his mission now for 2 months and loves his shoes. I think the best thing he has said yet was it was like not wearing shoes at all. They are so light and comfortable. Even when it rained real bad one day and his feet were soaking wet, he said that he let them air out over night and they were perfect the next day. Keep making those great shoes!"

-Elder Cassidy


Best Shoes For Missionaries

"I bought from Chile and I am very happy, because the delivery to Miami was more quickly that I thought. I will buy again and most important was the quality of materials. I am very satisfied with the purchase."

-Alejandra Correa GarcĂ­a


Paid less than if I had brought Eccos

"Well, I had a pair of those Liahonas (some heavy clodhopper) that were supposed to last my whole mission and then some. All they ended up doing was destroy my feet and give me blisters. They went out of commission once I got a pair of the mission shoes. They were like tennis shoes, light weight and easy on the feet. They lasted me about 8 months. I think I went through 3-4 pairs on my mission but I still paid less than if I had brought Eccos or some other expensive brand!"

-Elder Weidner


The Best Missionary Shoes

"I absolutely love Mission shoes! They are the best product hands down for Missionaries either preparing or currently serving in the field. I actually had the unfortunate problem of breaking my Mission shoes and they were able to assist me quickly and help get me a new replacement pair! I can't ask for better shoes or a better service!"



Paid less than if I had brought Eccos

"Shoes are still holding up great! Those shoes are indestructible. I have worn them everyday since I got out of the MTC and they rock."

-Elder Penfield


Lasts the whole 2 years!

"My 2 sons went to Peru and to Brazil. The shoes lasted the whole mission. I bought 2 pairs for my son in Brazil and he wore one pair the whole time. His companion's shoes lasted only 2 months, so my son gave him his other pair and they lasted the rest of the mission for his companion. So durable, so light weight and great for wet rainy areas....but dry hot areas too."

-Syndi Morris


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